Continuous Process Gas Analyzers

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Ultramat 23

The ULTRAMAT 23 is an extremely robust gas analyzer with unmatched performance specification for the dusty & dirty process gas. Also suitable for emission monitoring for requirements of TUV certifications . It uses NDIR technology for monitoring up to three infrared active components and optionally O2 & H2S measurement . Inbuilt condensate trap , additional internal filters , pressure sensors & facility to AUTOCAL with ambient air or N2 to perform without regular need of Calibration Cylinders. Mostly used in Cement , Steel , Power Plants .

Ultramat 6E/6F

The ULTRAMAT 6E measures up to four infrared active components in a single unit, the ULTRAMAT 6F up to two infrared active components. The analyzer vastly suitable for Oil & Gas and Refinery and explosion proof applications and also for the application involving very corrosive gases with special sensor material . 

Oxymat 61

The OXYMAT 61 measures oxygen using the paramagnetic alternating pressure method. This guarantees perfect linearity and allows parameterization of minimal measuring ranges of 0 to 2% up to 0 to 100 % in a single device

Fidamat 6

Calomat 6E/6F

Sitrans SL

FIDAMAT 6 gas analyzer is suitable for the determination of the total hydrocarbon content (THC) in air and in flue gases as well as in solvent recovery processes and cement plants.

For continuous measurement of hydrogen and noble gases, the thermal conductivity of the sample gas mixture is measured and used to calculate the concentration. Only binary gas mixtures can be measured directly.The CALOMAT 6 is notable for its high measuring range dynamics (e.g. 0-1 % and 0-100% H2, can be parameterized) and a low T90 time.

SITRANS SL is a tuneable diode laser gas analyzer with a measuring principle based on the specific light absorption of different gas components. SITRANS SL is suitable for fast and non-contact measurement of gas concentrations in process or flue gases. The sensors (transmitter and receiver) are meant to be mounted directly on the process with no need of sampling systems. 


LDS 6 is diode laser gas analyzer is based on the specific light absorption principle of different gas components which is unaffected by cross-interferences. LDS 6 is suitable for fast in-situ measurements of gas concentrations in process and flue gases. The leading application includes measurement of NH3/HF/HCL in Fertilizer Plants & Chloro Alkali Plants for CEMS and process . They are as per US EPA and with TUV certification


OXYMAT 64 can control the measurement of oxygen concentration in the smallest tracks, even down to the smallest measuring area of 0…10 ppm. This is for special interests in arrangements for the aerial decomposition, in the gas production industry and with the welding from high-alloy steel, titanium and others under protective atmosphere 

Siprocess UV600

SIPROCESS UV600 is an extractive UV-based gas analyzer to measure up to three components simultaneously. It is a specialist for extremely selective SO2 & NO measurement with small measuring ranges and also suited to determined other UV-active gases, e.g. NO2, SO2 and H2S.

CLD 600

600 CLD  is for ultra low measurment of NOx , NO & NO2  based on Chemiluminescence technology . The product is from CAI and in USA sold as Noxmat  

Calomat 62

CALOMAT 62 is a thermal conductivity analyzer especially designed for applications in corrosive gases.This allows the concentration of gas components such as Cl2, HCl and NH3 to be measured directly as well as, for example, H2 and N2 in aggressive atmospheres.

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